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About eXperientia

We are a boutique consulting and training company that offers customized solutions focusing on Brand Creation, Marketing Strategies, Customer Experience and Leadership Development Programs. We work with both international big enterprises and SME's. We enjoy our help is accessible for any size company.  

We have nothing to do with the cliché!

We offer you impactful solutions and peace of mind.

We provide tailored and impactful services for your unique requirements because we believe "One size does not fit all." We aim to give you a unique experience for the services that you imagine having.


eXperientia Consulting is your solution partner to provide you with the necessary resources, competencies, and experiences for helping your organization achieve sustainable success and desired business results. 

When you work with us, you benefit our multidisciplinary experience in Luxury, Retail, FMCG, Automotive and Finance industries. We are good at transforming success stories and best practices within each other.


We offer our services in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia to bring decades of experience with a passion for your service. 

Contact us! You will be glad you did.

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