Only in the forest leaders are born.

In business, we train them.

Experientia Leadership Academy helps companies internationally to develop and execute local or regional leadership development programs to their specific needs. 


We do not simply train people. We challenge and mentor them to reveal the leader within them and uncover their real potential.

Now we also offer instructor-led online live training modules.

Leadership Solutions


A complete leadership program designed to meet your needs. Uncover the real potential with the help of fully customized content.

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Consolidate your knowledge with real-life practices to deeply understand the topic and master in leadership subjects.

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Choose from our leadership modules to customize your training according to your needs. Fully customized duration and focus for your business.

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Mastering others is a strength, but mastering yourself is the real power. 

Leadership Modules

"Learn All The Leadership Skills You Need"


    Resilience and self-reflection are the catalyzers for a leader to succeed. Be honest with ourselves and learn bounce back can be very cruitial skills in hard times. Nothing goes as planned. Are you ready to cope with it as a leader?


    This course aims to give participants, learning the importance of time management and how to manage use of time effectively. It gives a perspective to help participants to prioritize and allocate their use of time for high value items.


    Change is the never changing constant in our business and private lives. Leading and managing change is a critical skill for every leader. We aim to give how to manage change, what obstacles you may face and how to overcome each one. We cover step by step strategy from communication to execution.


    As a leader, problem solving is a daily routine for ourselves. In this module we deep dive different styles of creative thinking, how to approach a problem and how to create the best environment for idea generation in our business. We need to do it differently to be successful.


    While we manage people as a leader, it is also essential to coach and help your team memebers. In this module we give you basics of how to coach others and contribute their success to reach ultimate common goal together.


    EQ is another foundamental skill for a successful leader. It is a combination of 4 skills; Self awareness, social awareness, self management and relationship management. In this module we explain all skills of EQ and help you how to develop each skill to develop your EQ to contribute your success.


    Leadership starts with you. Unless you manage yourself you can't manage anything. With this course we help participants to be self aware about themselves and their skills, and how to manage them. Self leadership includes several modules like EQ, Time management and Resilience.


    In today's business environment, we are dealing with many different perspectives. Diversity is a piece of our daily life. Different cultures bring different understanding and world views. There is no right or wrong. We simply need to adjust our behaviors accordingly.


    4 different generations are working together at the workforce in the same place and all of them have different characteristics. We need to understand the differences to manage each generation properly and attract the best talents and convince them for us to contribute our global success.


    Without effective communication skills you can't be a successful leader. Communication is a must-have skill for any leader. In this module we aim to develop your communication skills, give you understanding of different facades of communication including active listening, effective feedback and assertiveness.


    Conflict is something we all know very well, but response differently. Often, we avoid conflicts and do not manage properly. Then everything ends up in a chaos. We cover everything to help you in a conflict situation. How to manage a conflict and, which style is the best for that situation.


    We aim to give you different leadeship styles and how to borrow other styles. You will learn when to use which style, pros and cons of each style. In this module you will find situational leadership theory and development levels.

Leadership Workshops

"Experience The Leadership in Practice"


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Workshop

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the base competence to be a successful leader. EQ is the only ingredient of a person that can be developed and has an effect of 58% on your success. 

In EQ Workshops, we focus on 4 main skills of EQ and how to develop each one to be a successful leader. We focus on;

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Management

  • Social Awareness

  • Relationship Management.

Our workshop will help your teams to understand and practise each skill deeply. 

Change Management Workshop

In the VUCA world, we all experience change at different levels. As a leader, we have to be competent change and manage it properly to create a sustainable business. It is not enough you know how to react, but as important as how to implement change and inspire your organization to change. 

Workshop Outcomes

• How to implement change
• Managing resistance
• Seeding change in culture

Communication Workshop

Communication is a crucial skill for every person, not only in business but also in personal life.  In this workshop, we focus on different aspects of communication to make your life easier. We cover;

  • Conflict Management

  • Active Listening

  • Effective Feedback

  • Generation Gap

With this workshop, you will not only learn the basics, but you will also have a chance to practice and solve very common communication issues we face every single day.

Coaching Workshop

Coaching is a metaphor for leaders helping their teams arrive at the desired level. Coaching is not about the problem to be solved, it is rather a conversation that opens to reflection on the resolution, targets, and future possibilities.

We have strengthened this workshop with several reflection exercises and roleplay for leaders to apply easily.

Learning Outcomes

  • Empowerment

  • Resourcing

  • Self-knowledge; self-awareness

  • Relationships


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One size does not fit all. Companies have different needs. We design all our programs according to your unique requirements to overachieve your expectation.