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Leadership Journey

Leadership is a journey, not a destination. Experientia Leadership Academy's well known "Leadership Journey Development Program" is now available online with flexible time participation.

Inspired by our proven program applied to leading companies, now adapted for online instructor-led learning with updated content. 

In this program, you will learn all the foundational skills you need to be a successful leader.

For group requests, contact us. 

We use the Microsoft Teams software for teaching. Please download before participating in the programme. 

Programme Language: English and Turkish

Program Fee: 1100,00 GBP Per Participant



"Reveal The Leader Within."

Our best in the class module is now available online.


This 8-week complete leadership development module will give you all the necessary skills you need to succeed with flexible timing. Every week you can participate in one of the sessions you are available either on Friday or Sunday according to availability. (Every session is limited to a maximum of 16 participants.)


Invest in your career and success.

Week 1 

Subjects to cover

Self Leadership

Leadership Styles

Situational Leadership

Week 3

Subjects to cover

Communication for Leaders

Time Management and Prioritization

Week 5

Subjects to cover

Leading Change

Week 7

Subjects to cover

Coaching for Leaders

Week 2

Subjects to cover

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Leaders


Self Management

Social Awareness

Relationship Management

Week 4

Subjects to cover

Conflict Management

Different approaches to conflict


Cultural impacts on Conflict Management

Week 6

Subjects to cover

Creative Thinking

Problem Solving

Generation Gap

Week 8

Subjects to cover

Case Study Presentation 

Experience sharing session

(6 weeks later the previous session)

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