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Drive Experience...

Due to the digital revolution, automotive customer behavior changed significantly. Major changes in behavior are; 

  • Number of visits to a dealer showroom

  • Total time split between online and offline experience

  • Information gathering and buying process

  • Perception of car ownership


Customers are visiting dealers with lots of information. It forces sales teams to be fully informed about their products but also competitors. 


While online became the main source for the informative part in the buying process, in decision part dealer experience and test-drive keeps the leading places in the ranking. Due to the decreased number of showroom visits, dealer experience is now even more significant for brands to convince the customer to buy their vehicles. 


We saw some very major mistakes done, especially in the premium segment, during our studies. Unfortunately, dealer experience hasn't been developed at the same speed as the industry. Thus we developed our special programme for Automotive Industry by combining our expertise in automotive and premium segment. 


In our programme, we examine your pre-sales and after-sales processes, then design a new premium customer experience through the buying cycle and after sales. We help companies to benefit the lifetime value of their customers. We try to cover all touch points and topics like; welcoming customer, retail environment, how to talk price, improving test drive experience, customer follow-up, after sales experience, customer engagement, and many more points.


Contact us for detailed information and setting up a meeting with our experts!

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