Sencer Deren (1977) holds an Architecture (BSc and MSc) degree from Istanbul Technical University and a Business Degree from The University of Buckingham, UK and, he is a certified Digital Media and Marketing professional from Duke University, US.

He started his career at Toyota Motor Company in 2003 as a Strategic Planning Expert and realized projects between Japan and Turkey. He continued his career as a Project Manager at Quintessentially, in this position he realized projects regarding member services for top credit card customers and private banking customers. He established American Express Member Services in Turkey. 

In 2008 he joined Swarovski AG as market manager and served as Managing Director for Turkey and Ukraine between 2009 and 2016. He restructured the company from a liaison office to LLC and established different business units and led the growth in responsible regions. During this job, he realized the worldwide the first global retail concept implementation and realized the EMEA region’s first private label jewellery project as a success story. He also created B2B business development projects with leading brands from different industries.

Since 2016 he is giving consulting and training services at Experientia Consulting focusing on luxury and premium business, Leadership Development, Brand Building, Customer Experience, and Marketing Strategies. He is a renowned speaker at events and summits, especially about luxury, digital and branding.