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Now we offer "Online Live Training"

We are experiencing the most unpredictable time in the last decades. We experience the ambiguity and volatility in a hard way. This shows us once more that we will never be fully prepared and we won’t be able to predict all obstacles on our way.

Leadership is getting more vital in such times to manage chaos and prevent higher costs to pay. It is important to continue our teams’ development and don’t break our activities. We should use these slots as an opportunity.

Experientia Consulting offers its services as “online live training” and consulting sessions for customers to support their new way of working from home. Now your employees can enjoy and benefit of our online training services at-home comfort and safety. An experienced trainer, rich content, continuous follow-up with one little difference; At home.

We advise our clients to keep participant numbers at a maximum of 10 to increase the efficiency of the training session and benefit at the highest level. We organize half-day sessions for dedicated or mixed content. Don’t forget sitting is the new smoking.

Contact us and develop your teams without borders.

Sencer Deren


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