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Quantum Customer and Experience Design

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

During my speeches about omnichannel marketing, I used to mention the importance of giving the same quality level at each customer touch point to create a seamless experience. Because your overall customer experience is only as strong as the weakest experience you create at one of your touch points. It’s similar to the weakest link in a chain. Now, this is even further and, I named it “Experience of the Quantum Customer”.

It is “Quantum Customer”, because, according to quantum physics, an electron can be in multiple locations at once. Like your customer. It sounds wrong for me to call a customer as an automotive customer, banking customer, or x-customer. This very much industry-focused approach causes mistakes. Your customer has a relationship with many industries at the same time. Every industry gives a different customer experience. Eventually, the customer does benchmarks and compare you not only within your segments or only with your competitors. They compare the customer experience you give with the best experience they had in any industry. If it’s a matter of speed, you have to be the fastest, if it’s a matter of in-store experience, you should give the best one.

It is not enough to be the best in your industry anymore, you need to be the best of all. That’s why now the customer is a real king or a celebrity walking on the red carpet.


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