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Forget web stores! Virtual Reality Shopping (VRS) rewrites consumer experience!

Since 2015, we started to talk about VR technologies very often and it was expected to be a part of our daily life this year. Here you go!

We are in evolution from multi-screen user experience to no-screen experience!

We as consumers still live in multi-screen environment. We jump from mobile to pc, pc to tv, tv to mobile... But how VR will change it, in specific user experience and commerce side? A total new user experience is calling us from entertainment to shopping. Now we are not limited with screens, we experience a 360 degree digital and virtual environment surrounding us. Just imagine, there is no screen but everywhere! This is obvious why big technology companies like Google,Microsoft or Facebook are heavily investing in VR.

This will change web advertising and digital marketing fundamentally. You can see a Victoria's Secret model just passing by within the VR store. Can you imagine a better advertisement? Isnt't is much better than banners? Or just imagine you logged in an VR department store and in the corner your favorite music band is singing for you. These are all possible predictions and many more to come. Now really, sky is the limit and you have a virtual sky above your head!

Let's talk about shopping. Ebay Australia already launched World's the first VR Department Store! It doesn't look as fancy as I predicted yet above but It's live!

Virtual fitting technologies should be embedded into VR so system can recognize your pre-scanned data and propose you available designs and creations. But I really expect more creative and surprising world which is designed based on your preferences, taste and style.

I guess very soon we will all be able to watch fashion shows, from the front row. Democratization of privileges! I expect Burberry can lead again as they are the pioneer in digital world within luxury brands.

So as marketers, It is high time we bring some innovation to this 360 digital world. We should think and act more creative beyond boundaries...

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