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5 Things to Create Luxury E-commerce Experience for Retailers and Brands

Luxury is known as a late comer to digital world. But today, nobody even discusses the necessity of digital touch points. One of the biggest concern was how to replicate offline luxury experience for customers in online. By the time, luxury companies created good practices for their companies. When it comes to e-commerce, there are some must have points for luxury e-commerce. Some of the topics below are also valid in general, not only in luxury. The key is giving the same level of service in online and offline.

Look and feel of your website

Look and feel of your website should give the same impression as your customer enters your brick-and-mortar store. There should be enough space for your brand history and high quality image and movie content should be used to impress your customer.

Customer service

One of the most important thing for a luxury online store. There should be a real person accessible to consult and assist your customer and… this service should be available 7/24! One big mistake is availability of your customer service is limited with time or weekdays. Don’t even mention yourself a luxury online store if you don’t serve 7/24 customer service. One last trick; ask their contact info and you call them. Very successful application can be seen on Burberry website. You leave your number and choose time to be called. If you choose immediately then your phone rings in couple of seconds. This is what I mean customer service.


I even have several bad experiences I faced on this subject. Your customer should open the package with pleasure when they receive it and it should be prepared with care and attention. A small personal note with good wishes might create a difference. At the end, your packaging standards shouldn’t be less than your store. Here we understand, digital is not being made by data and bits travelling through fiber lines. Digital consumer experience has to be supported with offline experience at the same level of quality.

Delivery and returns

Do not charge delivery to your customer even without purchase limit! Lifetime value of a luxury customer is much more than others. To keep them with you on the journey and to focus on their lifetime value don’t charge delivery. Free shipping and easy returns increase your conversion rate significantly and give confidence to your customers to shop online.

Online Exclusive products/ special collections

To make your online store more attractive, design a unique experience and to go out of offline competition try to sell online exclusive collections or products. This can be done in several ways. You can sell some special collections and limited edition products online. Or you can sell some product groups online only which can be complementary to your existing product range. For example, accessories or cosmetic lines that normally don’t exist in your stores. Another option is personalization and special orders. Online is a great place to give opportunity for your customers to customize their products. Try it!

Needless to say, rather than these 5 subjects, any e-commerce retailer should have an active social media integration to engage their customers; fast, stable and mobile friendly website; easy purchase process without registration, few steps only and with a wide variety of secure payment options.


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