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Why Sales Consultant is so Critical in Luxury Business

When we talk about premium product lines, we rather talk about emotions and experience rather than the product itself. Because in luxury, we do not buy products, we buy experience!

The most important path in the purchasing path is bringing the customer in the store. After many touch points and processes finally customer is in the store with a shortlist in mind. The importance of brand consultant starts exactly at this moment. If he or she can't give and extraordinary, wow service you lose the customer which means all your advertisement, quality production and investments are in vain. Brand consultant is the point the most difficult to standardize the quality of service.

Due to the digital revolution, the time customers spent in store is decreasing every passing day. Customers come to the store with full of information about the product. They don't need almost anything additional, but experience! Due to this shorten frequency of visits and time spent in store, consumer experience is even getting more critical for the success of the brands. We have to give pleasure of every single moment. We have to make our costumer pleased and make them smile when leaving the store.

Do not get me wrong, I don't mean brand consultant is the only important point within the luxury purchasing journey but it is the most relative touch point. We really need to give them understanding and perception of luxury and premium sales. A moment in store should give a similar experience and joy like driving a Ferrari or a dinner at Michelin star restaurant.

By the way, I don't like calling staff title anything with "sales". Because rather than sales consultant, they are "Brand Ambassador", "Experience Consultant" or they are "Buying Consultant" for our customers. Really, I believe they are more in "buying" business rather than "selling". And it should be so for premium & luxury business...


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